Search for cross-border remittance in Alipay APP, then select I want to receive money, follow the steps to bind your bank card and other steps to receive overseas remittance to Alipay. Currently, several remittance platforms are supported: Transferwise, Remitly, PaySend, WorldRemit, etc. Please refer to the Alipay APP for specific remittance offer information. For more information, please see: Remittance to China, Remittance to USA.


Transferwise already supports direct remittance to Alipay, and you will also get a 30 RMB red packet for operating before March 31, 2021. Anyone with an Alipay account in mainland China can receive remittances, just fill in the full spelling of the other party’s name and the Alipay ID (cell phone number or email address) when filling in the payee in Transferwise.

Transferwise to an Alipay account

The restriction is that you can only remit an amount of no more than 31,000 RMB each time, no more than 5 remittances per month, and the total amount of remittance per year is no more than 500,000 RMB. In order for the payment to reach the Alipay account as soon as possible, the recipient should bind the bank card within 48 hours after the remittance is sent, if the Alipay account is already bound to a bank card, this step can be ignored. After the money arrives at Alipay, the recipient will receive a push reminder of the receipt.


Alipay is Remitly’s preferred RMB remittance channel, with preferential exchange rates for the first $800, no fees for transfers over $1,000, and money arriving within minutes of sending. When creating an account, select Alipay, enter the payee’s name and Alipay ID (cell phone number or email address), and the payee will be notified by email and SMS when the money arrives. Remitly remittance to Alipay is limited to 50,000 RMB per day.


Swapsy is a peer-to-peer remittance platform that supports WeChat Alipay down payments, but the ability to connect to the other party of the remittance is limited by whether or not there is such a need at that moment. To bind Alipay WeChat on the Swapsy platform you need to upload a picture of the QR code of the WeChat Alipay payment collection and you need to provide a photo ID.

Western Union

Western Union ‘s RMB remittance service fully supports Alipay, just choose Alipay Mobile Wallet as your payment method when you send money.

Western UnionAlipayMobile WalletCollection


Use WorldRemit to send money to Alipay, choose China as the destination country, choose AliPay as the payment method, fill in the amount, and then fill in the payee’s name, address, and Alipay ID (cell phone or email), the money will usually arrive within a few minutes after the remittance is initiated, but if the Alipay account is not enabled for overseas remittance, it may take up to 72 hours. The payee will receive SMS and email notification when the money arrives.

Worldremit to paypal


Use Azimo to send money from Europe to Alipay, initiate a new remittance to China, choose AliPay as the recipient method, again enter the recipient’s name and Alipay ID, fill in the amount and pay. The maximum amount of single remittance is 50,000 RMB, and the maximum amount is 500,000 RMB per year.


PaySend remittance to Alipay, you need to bind a bank card in Alipay, write down the payee account information and the purpose of remittance clearly when remittance, the money will be credited to the bank card bound to Alipay within 72 hours.

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